Reader Views Award- The Gift of Goodbye: A Story of Agape Love.

I am excited to share the news about another book award for The Gift of Goodbye. Reader Views selected The Gift of Goodbye: A Story of Agape Love as the 2nd place winner in the Spirituality/Inspiration category. I am grateful for Reader Views selecting The Gift of Goodbye as a Reviewer’s Choice, to my readers, my editor, publisher, and publicist. It is a great honor to achieve this recognition.

To learn more about the story, here is an excerpt from the book review:

“The Gift of Goodbye” is about accepting faith; it is about overcoming fear to exist in the present moment and it is about opening your heart widely, even when that means exposing yourself to the sadness that comes when a loved one is near death. It is about believing that it is okay to allow the chapters of your life to unfold however they will. If you are facing the task of letting go of a loved one, Rebecca Whitehead Munn’s book can be a guiding light that helps you say goodbye. It is the honesty of Munn’s writing that makes this memoir worthy of praise. All across the pages she never fails to express the heart-pounding grief as well as the awesome joyfulness she experiences. It is as if we are walking along side her on the path to letting go.