Stories that Empower, What’s Yours?

Stories that Empower, What is Your Story? We all have a story. And every story is an important fabric of the web that is our life, our culture. The uniqueness of each story contributes to the beauty, joy, and sometimes pain in each of our days on this planet. I chose to share my story, completely exposing the depths of my fears and successes, in hopes that you might find validation in your own story. You are important, every day. [...]

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2018 International Book Awards Finalist

AMERICAN BOOK FEST ANNOUNCES WINNERS AND FINALISTS OF THE 2018 INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS   Mainstream & Independent Titles Score Top Honors in the 9th Annual International Book Awards Penguin Random House, Simon and Schuster, Disney Hyperion, John Wiley & Sons, Tarcher Perigee, Rowman & Littlefield, Atria Books, Tor/Forge, Bear & Co./Inner Traditions, New American Library, Hachette Book Group and hundreds of national and international Independent Houses contribute to this year’s Outstanding Competition! I feel humbled and honored with the recognition of [...]

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Book Review: University of Texas Alcalde Magazine

Book Review: The University of Texas Alcalde Magazine- I am excited to share this new book review on The Gift of Goodbye: A Story of Agape Love, featured in the May/June 2018 issue of the University of Texas Alcalde magazine: "The Gift of Goodbye is a highly personal, vulnerable, and blunt debut memoir. Munn, the mother of two young children, is going through a particularly difficult divorce when she discovers that her mom, who lives thousands of miles away, has been [...]

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Is Fear Preventing Realization of your Dreams?

Is Fear Preventing Realization of your Dreams? I asked myself this question six months ago as I was enjoying a work sabbatical, spreading my wings and stretching my boundaries of what life as I knew it looked like and felt like. The answer? Yes, fear was holding me back. I was actually quite surprised by the answer. Here I was, a successful woman, mother of two, loyal friend, daughter and sister. From the outside, many would say I looked polished [...]

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Reader Views Award: The Gift of Goodbye

Reader Views Award- The Gift of Goodbye: A Story of Agape Love. I am excited to share the news about another book award for The Gift of Goodbye. Reader Views selected The Gift of Goodbye: A Story of Agape Love as the 2nd place winner in the Spirituality/Inspiration category. I am grateful for Reader Views selecting The Gift of Goodbye as a Reviewer's Choice, to my readers, my editor, publisher, and publicist. It is a great honor to achieve this [...]

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Starting Important Conversations, Why Not Now?

Starting important conversations, why not now? Since my goal as an author is to inspire others to be courageous and learn about their loved ones’ wishes, while creating life-long connections, I want to pose a question. How many of you know what your loved ones wishes are when it comes time to leave? I know, probably not many. It is not a popular, comfortable or pleasant experience to start this kind of conversation. I used to be in the same camp [...]

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Authors Who Influence My Writing: Elizabeth Gilbert

I am grateful to the many authors who have published before me and influence my writing, including Elizabeth Gilbert. I first was introduced to Elizabeth Gilbert's writing through reading Eat Pray Love in 2006, the year my mother died. Eat Pray Love is one of those books that captivated me from the start, and kept me engaged all the way through. I remember not being able to put it down. Her book Big Magic had the same impact on me. She takes [...]

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Inside the Gift of Goodbye: Ch 2 Invincible Me

Inside the Gift of Goodbye: Highlights from Chapter 2 Invincible Me Chapter two paints a picture of how my mom influenced me growing up and as a young adult. She indulged my every whim, including making seven formal dresses for me my junior year in high school, dresses I designed. I went to college to focus on accounting and become a lawyer, something my father encouraged me to do. After I struggled through my first accounting class, I discovered a [...]

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Feathered Quill 1st Place Gold Book Award

Feathered Quill recently awarded The Gift of Goodbye three book awards: 1st Place/Gold Award for best new book from a Debut Author and in the Religious/Inspirational category and 2nd Place for best new book in the Memoir category. I am thankful to my readers, each of you, my editor Annie Tucker, my publisher Brooke Warner, and my publicist Crystal Patriarche and Morgan Rath for making this huge honor possible. THANK YOU!

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ReaderViews: The Gift of Goodbye Review

ReaderViews recently completed a book review on The Gift of Goodbye. Below are some highlights and the link to the full review. “The Gift of Goodbye” is a memoir that deals with loss and the subsequent feelings of anger, sadness, depression and acceptance. In the face of a devastating divorce, author Rebecca Whitehead Munn, is unable to cope when she learns her mother is diagnosed with cancer. As Munn’s story unfolds, she begins to view her situation more constructively and [...]

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