• Feathered Quill Gold Award winner in the Debut Author and Spirituality categories
  • Feathered Quill Silver Award winner in the Memoir category
  • Reader Views Awards second place winner in the Spirituality/Inspiration category
  • 2018 International Book Awards finalist in the Health: Death & Dying category

Have you loved and lost before, yet struggled with how to recover and move forward? Are you looking for inspiration to give you strength to persevere? Have you faced the inevitable eternal rest of a parent, struggled with how to say good-bye? Have you questioned your faith and let fear take over in times of loss?

In The Gift of Goodbye, Rebecca Whitehead Munn relates how she drew strength from her faith and optimism as everything she knew to be constant in her life was changing. She inspires readers through her natural writing style to believe that they too can persevere and build resilience through the seasons of loss in life. Rebecca opens her heart on each page as she walks us through her story of living through two major life transitions within a three-year span, and the resulting shift she made in the process—due to the lasting gift of love from her now-deceased mother, her courage, and the choice she made to expand into more of who she was at her core.

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“Munn’s debut memoir tells of her own journey of self-discovery after learning of a parent’s terminal illness. Rather than give in to grief, she embarked on what she calls a ‘heart-opening journey’―one that she deftly and intensely recounts in this memoir. Throughout this book, the author skillfully describes the nuances of her visits with her mother as well as the deepening of their relationship. A remembrance that effectively captures the profound love between a mother and daughter.”
Kirkus Reviews

“The author’s friendly tone and relatable story make for an easy read that’s heartfelt and genuine. Her book provides an intimate look at a daughter’s love for her mother, and a woman’s fight to stay alive while enjoying every minute of it.”

“It is the honesty of Munn’s writing that makes this memoir worthy of praise. If you are facing the task of letting go of a loved one, Rebecca Whitehead Munn’s book can be a guiding light that helps you say goodbye.”
Reader Views

“A love letter and testament to an extraordinary mother, a shared journey through the garden of loss, and the metamorphosis that blossoms through courage and big, open-hearted love as grief subsides into wisdom and grace. Munn has penned an intimate gem of a book that shows how a willing sharing of a darkening path eventually leads to light. Beautiful!”
— Irene Allison, co-author, Stay, Breathe with Me: The Gift of Compassionate Medicine

“Coping with grief is something we all struggle with, and the reader will surely see something of themselves in her writing…This is her story of finding herself and sharing her most intimate conversations as she and her mother help each other learn how to say good bye. Readers will certainly be moved by her story and will take away ideas about how to cope with their own grief.”
—Iris Waichler, award-winning author of Role Reversal: How to Take Care of Yourself and Your Aging Parents

Quotes from The Gift of Goodbye

Because of my fierce determination in gripping tightly to the person I thought I was, and because of my stubbornness about not letting go of my ego and trusting my faith, my path to healing was long and circuitous.

In the midst of my pain about my divorce and my mother’s death, I struggled to understand what love really was and started to question my beliefs.

My mother was a quiet leader in her own right. Her goal in raising my sisters and me seemed to be to empower us to believe that we could accomplish anything we desired.

Now that I have given myself permission to take off my masks and live each day as my true self, I have chosen to dig deep into my heart and acknowledge my greatest passions and desires.

Because I was a strong-willed girl and a black-and-white thinker, every time I had an experience that revealed something different than what I expected, fear grew in my soul.

In turn, I began to discover that life has a whole lot of gray that fills in the spaces left between black and white.