All of Us Warriors Virtual Launch Event

Hosted by Parnassus Books

Watch the video from Rebecca’s virtual launch event for her latest book, All of Us Warriors: Cancer Stories of Survival and Loss, hosted by Parnassus Books.

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Podcast Appearances

Award-winning author Rebecca Whitehead Munn discusses her new book that shares twenty stories from the front lines, and offers valuable support to those facing cancer.

KUCI: Get the Funk Out
Award winning author, speaker and change catalyst Rebecca Whitehead Munn shares details on her new book, All Of Us Warriors

Stories That Empower
Rebecca walked the path of cancer with her mom twice, including when she was going through a divorce with small children. She knew she had a choice. Rebecca could crumble under the weight of it all or accept that change is how we grow.

engAGING Conversations with Sheryl Smith
Death doula, and author, Rebecca Munn is an optimist. She was raised by optimists. Yet she encourages conversations about death. And talks to people about cancer. Why? Because it’s who she is.

Moms and Children Interview with Johnny Tan
Are you looking for assistance in having the right approach and communicating more effectively with someone you love living with cancer? Would you like to learn from twenty people covering different types of cancer stages and share their personal stories? Q&A with award-winning author Rebecca Whitehead Munn.

Voice America: Good Grief with Cheryl Jones
Facing a cancer diagnosis presents unique losses, challenges and adaptations. How we face those times and how those around us support us makes all the difference in the overall experience of cancer. Q&A with award winning author Rebecca Whitehead Munn.

Passionate Pioneers
Building Support Systems with Vulnerable Populations, with Rebecca Whitehead Munn

Guest Articles