All Of Us Warriors: Cancer Stories of Survival and Loss has been reviewed by Kirkus Reviews and received a 4-star review from Foreword Reviews. See below for summaries.

Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews calls All Of Us Warriors “an excellent resource for readers with cancer questions.”

“Inspired by her mother who survived breast cancer in her 50s but succumbed to colon cancer in her 70s, Munn chose to anthologize the experiences of people who have had cancer to provide information and comfort to others coping with the disease. Working with her friend Robyn, a cancer survivor, the author found volunteers to participate in the book and share their stories of diagnosis and treatment. Each chapter chronicles the tale of a person with cancer, ending with advice on how to deal with the disease and receive support from others, various tips, and surprising anecdotes. The types of cancer spotlighted are diverse: colon cancer, breast cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and skin cancer, among others. All of the sufferers cited God or their faith as a source of comfort while undergoing treatment. What sets this volume apart from other cancer accounts is that it includes the stories of those who did not survive, told from the perspectives of their loved ones. Because of this, the book succeeds in demystifying the experience of having cancer or loving someone who does.” See the full review here.

Foreword Reviews 4-star Review

Foreword Reviews says “All Of Us Warriors includes twenty stories of survival and loss, told in the words of everyday people; it puts a realistic face on cancer.”

“The twenty people who share their personal stories are all based in the United States, and were diagnosed with several different types of cancer, including breast, brain, lymphoma, colon, and lung cancer, in stages I to IV. Regardless of their locations, their advice, borne from personal experiences, stands to be universally understood and appreciated.

Each chapter follows the same structure: an individual’s story of discovery and diagnosis, the treatment experience, advice for others, and surprising experiences. This structure mirrors the physical and emotional milestones that are present in a patient’s road to recovery or loss, and the effect is both calming and reassuring.” See the full review here.