US Review of Books reviewed All Of Us Warriors: Cancer Stories of Survival and Loss, giving the book a Recommended book review.

“Overall, Munn’s text is nothing short of a vital roadmap that helps patients and their loved ones as they navigate uncharted waters. It is a source of faith and hope, resilience and spirit, and, ultimately, being human and living with ferocity regardless of the situation….

From All of Us Warriors: “I started to question why this was happening to me. All of a sudden, my life had changed forever. I had so many questions.”

Conjure the image of waking up one morning to the rays of the sun shining through the crevices of the curtains in the bedroom window, representing a vast and expansive future waiting to be experienced and conquered. Then, in one moment, a bump or another symptom changes the dynamic of life itself. Cancer, for most, comes out of left field and leaves the individual no better than a deer in the headlights, entirely unsure of what to do and how to operate. The feelings of isolation and loneliness that come with the stark reality that one must face their own mortality are downright harrowing. While this book is effective in many ways, its strength lies in the ability to provide companionship, hope for a bright future, and, most importantly, dignity and normalcy in the direst of situations…….”

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