While I experienced two cancer diagnoses with my mother, my heart expanded as I interviewed other humans for All Of Us Warriors: Cancer Stories of Survival and Loss. I learned valuable advice from each individual, advice that is included at the end of each chapter. Most importantly, know that cancer is a season in the individual’s life, it does not define the individual. Read on to learn more about what I learned from interviewing cancer survivors and those who lost loved ones to cancer.

“I was actually working on a different manuscript for my 2nd book in November of 2017 when the idea came to me to write this book, similar to how Elizabeth Gilbert talks about ideas being birthed in Big Magic.

I had just learned of my friend Melissa’s cancer diagnosis, stage IV colon cancer. She was a mother of three children and in her early forties. I was heartbroken and praying for guidance and grace.

It was as if the idea was planted in my mind as I sat quiet in my house. An idea that I could be helpful to so many if I was to capture many stories of cancer survival and loss. I developed tips and tricks through two cancer experiences with my mother and believed I would learn of other advice if I were to ask….”

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