Surviving grief is similar to riding ocean waves, unpredictable and yet a reality..

Each of us has a grief story, some of us have more stories than others. Each story is unique in some ways, and yet similar in others. During the holidays, the grief can be magnified, especially if it is the first time to go through the holiday without your loved one.  After losing my mother and then my sister unexpectedly last year, I have learned that grief has its own timing and shows up in different forms. Surviving it is similar to riding ocean waves, unpredictable yet a reality. Some days when we think we are not able to handle one more transition, another one starts to take shape. Whether it is learning to cope and live without your mother or struggling to find new holiday traditions in the wake of a divorce, life comes at us in waves.

I am honored to be featured on Maria Shriver’s website as an architect of change. Read more about three different types of grievers and helpful tips to survive each one at the following link: