Are you facing a situation where you are struggling to find peace as you grieve? Given the many events of 2020, we all are probably grieving something, if we are honest with ourselves. My sister and I were talking this weekend about how we are grieving the joy of getting dressed up and going out at night. Maybe you are grieving working through a project with a team from work in person, versus online, or like my children, grieving learning engineering disciplines in college on-line. Or, maybe you have said goodbye to a loved one recently and given the pandemic, unable to probably say goodbye or even celebrate a life well lived. Here are some things I have learned through suffering deep losses and life transitions, may they be helpful to you.

“Rebecca Whitehead Munn is an award-winning author and speaker. Rebecca has shared her stories of loss, grief, and coping to help others facing these challenges. In her first book, The Gift of Goodbye, she shared the story of losing her mother and coping with the immense grief that follows such a loss. Her latest book, All Of Us Warriors, provides resources and inspiration to people living with a cancer diagnosis and their loved ones. Click here to learn more about grief, my experience, and lessons learned. Thank you OncoLink for the opportunity.