Given our current season, I am rethinking what actually defines a good life, given that most everything I would do day to day has changed. What about you?

Gone are the days where I would get up early and go to a yoga class on the way to work, as the showers are closed. I was reminded how much yoga keeps my crazy at bay, when I went without yoga for three weeks in March. I am grateful beyond words that the owner of my yoga studio has invested heavily in virtual classes and studio cleanliness and safe processes so I could return in studio after a 9 week break. I am confident the colleagues I work with are grateful as well! I work for an essential business in healthcare so my days have been stretched as we continue to try and serve our vulnerable population.  I see every day the daunting impact this pandemic has had on our client’s mental health, and the despair the isolation has caused. And yet, mental health impact is missing from the dialogue about the pandemic.

As I experienced another anniversary of the day my sister Susan became an angel this week, I thought of her and what she would consider a good life to be. She is happier where she is now, although she would consider a good life to be one full of love and friends, creative outlets and good food. Her smile could light up a room and helping others brought her joy.

Given the pandemic, I wonder what individuals impacted directly by the virus would consider a good life. It has challenged each of us to retreat and go inward, find truth and peace in a space that no outside force can change, all while we grieve the life we knew. And maybe loved ones who have passed. I find myself letting go each morning of all I know to be true, so I can experience joy in the minutes that are versus fear what surprise might be looming around the corner. Although it is a struggle some days, some hours to keep focused on what is.

If you are a cancer survivor or currently facing a diagnosis, what would you consider a good life? A day without pain? A day where you felt the love of a close friend in your heart? Sometimes a good day is as simple as waking up.