Facing a cancer diagnosis presents unique losses, challenges and daily adaptations. From loosing a healthy body and friends who can’t handle the “sick” you, how we face these times and how those in our lives support us makes all the difference in our overall experience of cancer. While I was supporting my mother through cancer, I learned what it took to truly be there for someone navigating this perilous world and challenging season. I focused intently on giving and connecting, as I didn’t know when my mom’s time would come to leave. I gained a depth of knowledge that have helped me support others in my life, including several friends who have been diagnosed in the last two years. Strange as it may sound, I uncovered the true meaning of life as I said goodbye to my mother for the last time. Even in the depth of loss, I emerged a more authentic me, and am now thriving.

Why is it that we choose to push aside conversations about potentially taboo topics such as death or cancer? Is it fear of the unknown or fear that if we open up, we might crumble? The pain of loss has definitely gripped me tightly at times, and even paralyzed me on some days. As I started pouring out my raw and naked soul onto the written page, I was able to release the pain and treasure the memories. My writing is about exposing potentially taboo topics such as death, in The Gift Of Goodbye: A Story of Agape Love , and cancer, leading to a bigger life purpose for me.

All of Us Warriors: Cancer Stories of Survival and Loss is about hope and healing, filled with 20 personal stories of perseverance, inspiration and guidance to weather the season that is cancer. Thank you Cheryl Jones for hosting me on Good Grief, listen here to gather useful tips and validate your own story.