While we all have adjusted every part of our daily lives and what holiday celebrations look like, have you been able to find joy in the midst of a tough season? It is challenging indeed. Sometimes the joy I find in a day is the sun is out. Ok, yes I am a glass half-full person. I figure I might as well look for joy, which distracts me from focusing on the political unrest and pandemic impact. After all, that small slice of joy in a day just might bring a smile to your face.

Did you know that 40% of us will get a cancer diagnosis in our lifetime? Yes, that means each of us will be touched by cancer in some ways. Are you facing a cancer season or know someone who is? Listen here to learn ways to manage grief from a positive psychology perspective and learn tips of supporting yourself or a loved one with cancer.

Thank you Johnny Tan for hosting me on From My Momma’s Kitchen podcast!