What you Believe is What you Experience

Do you remember a book from about 20 years ago called Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson? It was a widely popular, best-selling book with a key theme of guiding people on how to focus on the opportunity in a changing situation, versus seeing change as the end of something. How you interpret the theme depends on if you are a “why” or a “what” kind of person. If you are more of a “what” person, you might have heard [...]

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Reviews of the Gift of Goodbye

I am excited to share the following reviews on The Gift of Goodbye: A Story of Agape Love.  All of these are unbiased reviews. I am grateful for the feedback. Enjoy! Kirkus Review "Throughout this book, the author skillfully describes the nuances of her visits with her mother as well as the deepening of their relationship…A remembrance that effectively captures the profound love between a mother and daughter." See more at the following link: http://bit.ly/2oHDtZa Booklist “The author’s friendly tone [...]

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Tips for Surviving Angel Anniversaries

“The soul would have no rainbows if the eyes had no tears” This is the inscription on a coffee cup my mother gave me on Mother’s Day, one year before she took her last breath on May 22, 2006. It is simple yet complex, representing the realities of loss in our human lives. Whether it is loss of a job or a loved one or something else, both tear on the heart strings. My mother had terminal cancer at the [...]

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Learn More: Book Launch and Signings

Come meet Rebecca Whitehead Munn and learn more about the writing of The Gift of Goodbye, hear an excerpt from the story, and get an autographed copy! Three launch events to choose from: July 28, 2017 Book People, Austin, TX at 7 pm http://www.bookpeople.com/event/rebecca-whitehead-munn-gift-goodbye July 29, 2017 Brazos Bookstore, Houston, TX at 7 pm http://www.brazosbookstore.com/event/rebecca-whitehead-munn-gift-goodbye August 23, 2017 Parnassus Books, Nashville, TN at 6:30 pm http://www.parnassusbooks.net/event/author-event-rebecca-whitehead-munn-author-gift-goodbye

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Inside the Gift of Goodbye: A Podcast

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Charlene on her Soul Sciences show recently. Below is a link to the podcast, where I describe the writing process and the unintended outcome of The Gift of Goodbye: A Story of Agape Love. I wrote my memoir over more than a ten year period, with starts and stops as I would face a wall of grief. I transitioned to writing on a blog about five years ago, which accelerated the writing [...]

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Change is Constant, our Reaction is our Choice

“Far from being something to fear and avoid, every change-even the most difficult and painful–gives us an opportunity to receive the miraculous gift of personal transformation. The only real failure in life is the failure to grow from what we go through.” –Marianne Williamson As I have grown older and hopefully wiser over five decades, life has had a way of teaching me through experiences that having control over people or events is an illusion and that change is constant [...]

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