I had the pleasure of interviewing Valerie while at the Tattered Cover book event, as she shared her story of hope and healing. Valerie is a 10-year cancer survivor and mother of two. Before her cancer diagnosis, she had experienced some deep loss and her husband was experiencing some health issues. She didn’t think she could handle more, although quickly learned more would be what she faced. Valerie is a working mother and one of those people who believes she has to do everything herself without asking for help. Her cancer season changed all of that. Sometimes when we think we can’t handle more, we learn through grit and perseverance that more shapes us into surrendering and connecting in meaningful ways with others.

Valerie’s story is in chapter 8 of All Of Us Warriors: Cancer Stories of Survival and Loss. Here is some of the wisdom she shares if you are facing a cancer season. Actually, these are valuable nuggets of wisdom for us all, regardless of the season we are in.

  • When you see someone who has a look about them that something is out of place, tell that person that they look great, that they have a great smile or something that feels authentic to you; don’t be afraid to speak up and break the silence
  • When someone wants to help you, let them come into your life and do whatever they want to do to help; be open and willing to surrender regardless of the situation

Special thanks to all who joined us at the Tattered Cover to hear Valerie’s story and the story behind the book, and thank you for supporting the local bookstore and buying all of the books! To see more photos, visit me at my Facebook author page.